A sample of freelance markets and contract jobs mentioned in the newsletters are listed below. You can find permanent jobs in the newsletters under JOBS. Note: these markets are the caliber of FundsforWriters and TOTAL FundsforWriters meaning $200 or 10 cents/word in payment.

Central Coast Farm & Ranch is a quarterly magazine circulated in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. It is distributed as a benefit of membership in the Santa Barbara and Ventura County Farm Bureaus, and its primary audience is members of the Central Coast agricultural community. But it also contains stories and photographs that appeal to supporters of local food, fans of local restaurants that feature local food, and members of the general public interested in learning about the past, present and future of the region’s signature industry. Each issue includes several features on topics specific to Central Coast agriculture, as well as departments devoted to local history, edible gardening, agri-tourism destinations, and industry news briefs. Length varies: 1,000-1,500 words for a cover story or feature, 500-700 words for departments, and 300 or fewer words for news briefs. Pay ranges from 50 cents to $1 a word for features, depending on placement and other factors, and is a flat $350 for departments. Pay rate for feature photographs is $75-$150 per assignment, with a bonus of $300 for cover art.

Coastal Review Online is always looking for talented freelance writers who are knowledgeable about the North Carolina coast. Coastal Review Online (CRO) is a daily, online publication that contains news, features and commentaries covering a wide variety of environmental and conservation issues and events along the N.C. coast. It also contains features about the coast’s natural history and culture, profiles of its noteworthy people and green travel stories about its places. Articles are generally 800-2,000 words. We are a non-profit and our scale is below market rate, but we typically pay $75-$200 for articles.

Farming Magazine celebrates the joys of farming well and living well on a small ecologically-conscious scale. It explores the intricate bonds connecting people, land, and community and it offers a hopeful vision for the future of farming in America. The magazine is created in the spirit of stewardship for the earth and regard for its inhabitants. Pieces in Farming Magazine range in length from 300 words to approximately 3,500 words.

Highline Magazine is a connection to the unique mountain environment and culture of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. We feature a wide range of topics – from summer and winter sports to environmental issues, local heroes, health, humor and more. Based in the gateway to the Rockies, our content is largely local and has a distinctly authentic Bow Valley flavor.

The words “Coast Mountains” are right there in our masthead so it goes without saying that the majority of our articles need to be related to the BC Coast Mountains, specifically the Vancouver to Lillooet region. We do run stories on epic trips to places near and far but usually only one per issue. The best time to send in ideas or queries is well in advance. We plan the summer issue in February, the November issue in July, and the February issue in August. The earlier we know about you and your awesome idea, the better. Many columns of many sizes, but pays 30 cents/word.

Scrap is the bimonthly magazine of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), a Washington, D.C.-based trade association with more than 1,600 member companies that process, broker, and consume scrap commodities, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, glass, textiles, rubber, and plastics. Scrap pays $600-$1,000 depending on the length and difficulty of the assignment. Payment upon acceptance. Byline given.

The Cattleman covers all aspects of the beef industry in Texas, Oklahoma and the Southwest. In the most recent readership survey, subscribers said they were most interested in the following topics in this order: range/pasture, property rights, animal health, water, new innovations and marketing. Our feature stories are generally more in-depth than other livestock publications. Word counts average between 1,500 to 2,000.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS is a bimonthly magazine that promotes more self-sufficient, financially independent and environmentally aware lifestyles. From our readers, we welcome articles and quality photographs for our “Country Lore” department. “Country Lore” presents handy how-to tips of 100 to 300 words; payment is $25 to $100 per published item. We accept submissions for consideration for online posting to our website, but do not pay for them at this time. Most of our feature articles are written by our Contributing Editors. We sometimes assign articles to freelance writers, particularly those who have experience with our subject matter (both firsthand experience and writing experience). If you would like to submit a query, please send a one-page outline. Also send digital photos, if available.

Send us researched, original ideas with a strong backcountry hook, from current events to prolific characters to unique destinations. We are always looking for Feature ideas, as well as Destination stories for our Route Finding Department. Pitch us Profiles and Newsworthy items, Mountain Skills pieces, and Accounts of avalanches and other mountain mishaps as well. Our standard payment for manuscripts is $0.35 per word.

All articles and photos that appear in the magazine must adhere to Leave No Trace’s ecologically friendly practices. Likewise, we do not promote motorized use in the wilderness or backcountry.
Our readers are knowledgeable and experienced backpackers; therefore we accept only authentic, well-researched, well-crafted stories. We pay $.40 to more than $1.00 per word, depending upon the complexity and demands of the article, as well as the proven experience of the writer.

We consider original works written in the English language as well as translations of poetry into English. Payment is made on publication at the rate of $10 per line (with a minimum payment of $300), and $150 per page of prose, for first serial rights. All rights will revert to the author upon publication. Authors will also receive two contributor copies of the issue in which their work appears.

Island Journal is always looking for compelling and distinctive stories that anticipate environmental concerns before they become pressing problems, stories that scan the horizon for the next big issue. We want stories that will surprise, provoke, and entertain our readers and that explore new territory overlooked by other publications. We cover the entire spectrum of environmental issues, including: wildlife and lands conservation; innovations in science and technology; public policy and the politics of environmental protection; climate and energy; animal rights; public health; environmental justice and cultural survival; and environmentally related film, music, and books. We pay writers 25 cents/word for shorter dispatches (1,200-1,500 words) and for longer investigative features (2,500-3,000 words). You can expect to earn about $750-$1,000 for an in-depth feature story.

Pays up to $1/word. We’re interested in just about anything that will raise our readers’ eyebrows, but we focus especially on these areas: national politics, environmental issues, corporate wrongdoing, human rights, and political influence in all spheres.

Brain, Child is an award-winning literary magazine for mothers. We publish 20-plus essays per month for our print, online and blog publications. Not only are they seeking nonfiction, fiction, and journalism for their magazine, but they have a special call for submissions. “In 2015 we will have another special issue for parents of t(w)eens. Here we invite essays, fiction and poetry that capture the unique experience of raising t(w)eens. Examples of essays include a father coming out to his daughter, a mother letting her son take a gap year, and a mother’s foray into heavy metal music with her teen daughter. Deadline: September 1, 2014.” (Thanks to

Death Where the Nights are Long is an anthology of writing about the idea and experience of death in extreme lattitudes. We are asking approximately thirty writers from Canada, the U.S. and Iceland to deliver an account of death in its many varied forms. We expect submissions to be personal, visceral and unmediated. We are seeking essays, memoirs, poetry and creative non-fiction, with a suggested length of between 2,500 and 5,000 words.If your piece is accepted, you will be paid $250 on completed delivery and acceptance.  You will receive another $250 on publication. If the book does very well – as we hope it will – we will also consider a success fee to each contributor in an amount to be determined. (Thanks to

1859 is an exploration of the state’s rich history, its incredible destinations and colorful personalities. Departments like “What I’m Working On,” “Home & Design,” “Ventures” and “Sound Off” will resonate with residents of Oregon. Departments like “From Where I Stand,” “The Road Reconsidered,” “Home Grown” and “Top 5” are visual and editorial pollen that attracts the travel bee. Payment varies from $0.30/word to $0.50/word, with web-only copy at a lower rate. We pay on publication. 1859 Oregon’s Magazine buys all rights, although there can be some exceptions.

5280 is the premiere monthly guide to the arts, entertainment, dining, and lifestyle issues in Denver. We accept pitches for our front-of-the-book sections, Front Range and Scene; for our departments; for our feature well; and for our back-of-the-book section, Eat & Drink. Front-of-the-book and back-of-the-book stories, which are short, lively takes on life in Denver, run anywhere from 50 to 400 words. Departments are generally 800 to 1,200 words and cover everything from travel to sports to politics. Features can run up to 6,000 words.

Pays 20 cents/word. SCW considers all types of articles dealing with conservation of our wildlife and natural resources, outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc.), natural and scenic areas, the state’s heritage as related to the outdoors, natural history of particular game and nongame species, and subjects on a national level of interest to outdoor-oriented readers anywhere (such as famous outdoorsmen of the past who affected our outdoor lifestyle, or environmental issues). We also are looking for well-done outdoor articles with a humorous angle. Limit 500 to 2,000 words.

Douglas readers are Southern Vancouver Island’s business elite — entrepreneurs, influential decision-makers, CEOs and upper management. Editorial topics include: in-depth business features, profiles, real estate and development, finance, sales and marketing, technology, business lifestyle and resources. Like all of our publications, Douglas is designed to be coffee-table worthy and is a respected source for readers seeking the inside track on business. Pays 40 cents/word.

YAM magazine celebrates the unique personalities, trends and tastes that make Greater Victoria such a desirable place in which to live. This vibrant magazine features exclusive, original content designed to inspire readers, with a focus on home and garden, food and wine, experiential travel, arts and culture, health and fitness, and lifestyle. We are looking for features of 1,200 to 3,000 words in length, as well as shorter pieces.

Wanderlust aims to cover all aspects of independent, semi-independent and special-interest travel. We do cover ‘soft’ adventure but leave the crampons and adrenalin stuff to other magazines. Off-the-beaten-track destinations, secret corners of the world and unusual angles on well-known places are always of particular interest. We are particularly interested in local culture and try to provide more of an insight than travel articles in other publications – hence, we prefer pieces to be written by someone with an in-depth knowledge of a topic or destination. Pays £220 per 1,000 published words.

We are looking for expertly executed stories about travel, lifestyle and business. Features range from 600–2,000 words. Departments include very small 100-word pieces to longer 500-word columns.

Escapees magazine’s contributors are RVers interested in sharing the RV lifestyle. Our audience includes full-time RVers, snowbirds, and those looking forward to traveling extensively. Escapees members have varying levels of experience; therefore, the magazine looks for a wide variety of material, beyond what is found in conventional RV magazines, and we welcome submissions on all phases of RV life, especially relevant mechanical/technical information. Payment will not exceed $150 per article and word count is limited to 1,500 words.

San Francisco’s longest-running neighborhood newspaper is looking for freelance writers to cover news stories of community interest. Pays $50 to $500 per article. Questions/ applications:

Briarpatch Magazine publishes writing and artwork on a wide range of topics, including current events, grassroots activism, electoral politics, economic justice, ecology, labour, food security, gender equity, indigenous struggles, international solidarity, and other issues of political importance. We welcome queries from unpublished writers, seasoned freelancers, front-line activists, and anyone else with a story to tell and a desire to tell it compellingly. $50 – Profiles, short essays, parting shots (generally <1000 words). $100 – Feature stories, photo essays. $150 – Research-based articles and investigative reportage (generally 1,500-3,000 words).

Collidor is a science fiction appzine. We seek character and relationship driven stories from the full gamut of subgenres of speculative fiction, as long as there is a scientific or technological element that reflects the existential conditions for life forms and consciousness (human or otherwise). We are unfortunately not accepting horror, pure fantasy, vampire or zombie themed stories unless they meet the above criteria. We are accepting pitches for essays, reviews, opinion pieces and editorials that would be of interest to our readers. Topics include science, technology; book, movie and game reviews; geek/fandom culture, interviews, artist profiles and event coverage. We pay $0.25 per word for the first 5,000 words, $0.20 per word for the next 5,000 and $0.10 per word up to 18,000 words. We pay $0.11 per word for serialization rights for the entire series. We pay $0.10 per word for previously published stories.

Buzzy Mag is looking for original science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories up to 10,000 words. Thriller, suspense and paranormal tales that cross into traditional speculative fiction are welcome. Buzzy accepts submissions from both authors and literary agents. Make sure you short story is acceptable for a 15-year-old to read. We DO NOT ACCEPT pornography, child subject matter, racial propaganda or fan fiction. Payment is ten cents/word.

TOR.COM welcomes original speculative fiction short stories and poetry. We define “speculative fiction” broadly, including SF, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and related genres. We’re particularly interested in stories under 12,000 words. We pay 25 cents a word for the first 5,000 words, 15 cents a word for the next 5,000, and 10 cents a word after that.

Do you research women in higher education? Is there a book you want to review related to gender and higher education? Have a program for women in higher education that succeeded or failed? Do you want to talk about issues of gender and equality? Send your 50-100 word pitch in addition to a brief bio to our editor Liana Silva-Ford, at, and explain to her what you bring to the table! Pays $150. Most columns around 1,100 words.

We are a YA lit/comics magazine fascinated with the lyric and strange and committed to work that speaks to teens’ truths. We publish poetry, realistic and genre fic, essay, and comics by adults and teens. Nonfiction up to 5,000 words and fiction up to 9,000 words. Stories and articles: up to 25¢ per word.

We are looking for subversive fairy tale retellings. These retellings need not be reimaginings of Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, or Charles Perrault (although we love these fables and are happy to read and consider any retellings); we want a broader pool of stories, traditions, and canons to choose from. We are looking for original speculative fiction, between 1,500 and 17,500 words long. We will be paying $0.05 per word up to $500 (although we welcome stories from a minimum of 1,500 words and up to a maximum of 17,500 words long).

Every issue of The Health Journal contains a variety of content ranging from feature stories to physician-written columns, local interest to general interest. Regular departments include fitness, nutrition, men’s health, running, parenting, family health, senior health, natural healing and more. The Health Journal agrees to pay a baseline of 15 cents per word for original work based on the final published word count.

We prefer proposals to completed articles. For features, the proposal should be 125 – 250 words; for columns and reviews, 50 words is plenty. Tell us what and who you want to discuss, and what you plan to say. If you haven’t written for ART PAPERS before, please include two brief writing samples (1,000 – 2,000 words), together with a short bio (40 words) describing your background and interests. Features are 2,400 to 2,700 words. Columns up to 1,000 words. Reviews are 800 words. ART PAPERS, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization, provides an accessible forum for examining, discussing, and documenting the full spectrum of contemporary art and culture, as well as the ways they affect and reflect our lives. We do so in print, online, and through public programming.

Deployment, PCS moves and other aspects of military life, profiles of military spouses, career and education, travel, food, health and beauty, home design/decorating, relationships and marriage, parenting/family matters, money management and other lifestyle-related subjects. Feature Stories: Each issue includes at least one main feature article. These articles require extensive reporting and interviewing. Length: generally 800-1,200 words. We also run a variety of shorter features in each issue, plus monthly coverage of major topics.

A typical Guideposts story is a first-person narrative written in simple, dramatic, anecdotal style. The story may be the writer’s own or one written in the first person for someone else. Even our short features use this format. Full-length manuscripts (750-1500 words) pays $250-$500.

The Aquarian InPrint is a tabloid-size newsprint publication, published quarterly on the first week of March, June, September, and December, and distributed free in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and beyond. We are mostly looking for original feature articles, topical opinion pieces, interviews, reviews and book excerpts. Our features and interviews usually run 1500-2500 words; op-eds, 500-1500 words; and reviews, 300-800 words. Holistic health (natural, complementary, alternative) and progressive environmental, social, cultural, political and spiritual issues are our major focus. However anything that sheds new light on the path to greater meaning, value, purpose, and fulfillment – personal or social – is potentially grist for our mill.

Features are typically 1,000 to 1,500 words long. Shorter articles such as sidebars to features or photo essays are 250 to 500 words. A monthly four-color magazine focusing on the activities and interests of the U.S. Army worldwide.

People 50+ live their most fulfilling lives. Story idea letters for specific features and departments should be one page in length and accompanied by recent writing samples. Features and departments cover the following categories:
•Finance: investments, savings, retirement, and work issues
•Health and Fitness: tips, trends, studies
•Food and Nutrition: recipes, emphasis on healthy eating
•Travel: domestic and international
•Consumerism: practical information and advice
•General interest: new thinking, research, information on timely topics, trends
•Relationships: family matters, caregiving, living arrangements, grandparents

Avenue is a full-spectrum city and lifestyle magazine that takes an insightful look at how our community is evolving, keeps abreast of key movers and shakers and offers survival- guide advice to living here well. The magazine is a provocative and useful read for the active, curious and sophisticated city-dweller interested in everything from the arts and home fashion, to municipal politics and scientific breakthroughs. Stories published in Avenue must have a strong relevance to our Edmonton readership, and should offer a unique perspective on the topic. Our tone is thoughtful, polished and confident. Stories run 500 to 2,000 words, with shorter pieces typically published in our health and fitness, arts or humor departments.

CATALYST is a newsprint magazine that has served as Salt Lake City’s resource for creative living since 1982. We’re always on the lookout for great local writers, both to take story assignments from our editor as well as to present us with stories and story ideas. Please note: We are primarily looking for writers to approach us with story ideas they would like to write. Our feature stories generally run 2,000-4,500 words. Smaller stories usually run between 600-1500 words. We pay $.10/word, upon publication. Some in-depth, research-heavy articles will be paid at $.12/word. We are most interested in pieces on the following topics:
•Environmental Issues
•Progressive Politics
•Healthy/Organic Food
•Transportation (alternative, etc.)
•Gardening/Food Security

We pay $250 for story submissions that run a page or more. Contributors published in “Mailbox” or “Little Humor” receive a gift certificate for a one-year subscription, or subscription extension, to Country Extra. Most other contributors will receive an authentic hand-forged iron dinner triangle. In our “Just For Fun” section, photos garner a dinner triangle; jokes and short items earn payment of $25. Generally, a published one-page story runs 400-500 words in length. Country magazine celebrates the breathtaking beauty, engaging people, enduring values and spiritually

TRAVEL + LEISURE — About 95 percent of the magazine is written by freelance writers on assignment. Every assignment is confirmed by a contract. We pay upon acceptance of the article. Neither editors nor contributors may accept free travel. Reports on travel, food, design, style, culture. Covers the travel experience. Pays $1,000 and up.

WOMAN’S WEEKLY — Above all, we are looking for originality and a wide variety of themes and moods, such as mystery, humour, relationships and family issues, with warmth still an important factor. Try to be subtle in your writing and remember the maxim: “Show, don’t tell”.

For the weekly magazine:
Short stories of 1,000 and 2,000 words
Serials in 3 or 4 parts of 3,300 words each
For Fiction Special (At least 20 stories 12 times a year):
Stories of 1,000 to 8,000 words

WOMAN’S DAY — Women’s magazine on food, health, lifestyle, relationships, home, style, beauty. Prefers clips and a pitch. Negotiates each contract but is a high paying market at the professional level.

WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT — Covers corporate HR issues. We do work with a small group of freelance writers, and are always on the lookout for journalists who can craft stories for our very specific audience. Our stories are timely and news-driven and offer insights to our audience on how they can better do their jobs as strategic HR leaders. This is HR that is focused on business results, not on HR for its own sake. Buys all rights and negotiates each contract.

WORKING MOTHER — Feature pitches should specifically relate to the working mom, whether geared to her work, family, personal well-being or a mixture of these. Features are also assigned to fit our initiative packages (100 Best Companies, Best Companies for Multicultural Women, Best Companies for Hourly Workers, etc). We like tightly focused pieces that celebrate working moms while illuminating and sensibly solving a problem unique to our readers and/or their children and family. We assign features at about 1,000 to 2,000 words.

ADOPTIVE FAMILIES —Adoptive Families is the leading information resource for families before, during, and after adoption. The award-winning national bimonthly magazine provides independent, authoritative adoption information in an accessible and reader-friendly format.

PARENTLIFE — A Christian parenting magazine designed to take parents from pregnancy through the preteen years. ParentLife brings a Christian worldview to today’s top parenting and cultural issues, covering topics related to health, development, education, discipline, and spiritual growth. Each issue of ParentLife gives practical ideas and insights to help parents meet the responsibilities and celebrate the joys of parenting.
ParentLife is set apart from other secular parenting magazines in that it alone addresses the whole child: physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally … and spiritually. Pays up to $350 for articles of 350 to 1,200 words.

HOW — HOW is the business magazine for graphic designers and a leading source of ideas and creative solutions for the industry. Published s about 75 percent freelance written. Articles include: detailed information on industry trends; outstanding examples of design / illustration / photography (whether in the form of printed material, identity design, videos, CDROM, Web sites, signage programs, etc.); profiles of noteworthy industry figures, ve completed; business tips; new technology; new disciplines for graphic designers; and pressing industry issues. Columns typically run around 1,200words. Features run 1,500 to 2,000 words. Payment ranges $250-$800. 20 percent kill fee.

COLUMBIA KIDS — COLUMBIAKids is a free online magazine that features exciting, interesting, and informative articles and stories based in Pacific Northwest history. Our target readers are children up to age 14 who live in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska, but we also welcome subscribers from all over the world. All articles considered on spec. Features- Length: 800-1,200 words each; $200. Departments 200-800 words each; $50-$500.

FLW OUTDOORS — Provides information to avid anglers to include techniques, tips, destinations, and tournaments. Has a children’s pull-out section as well. Welcome family-oriented topics as well as competitive fishing information. Articles are up to 200 words. Fiction accepted up to 500 words. Several other columns open to freelancers. Pays $200 to $500.

MCPRESS ONLINE — MC Press Online articles pay $.20 per word for published text. Code pays $.25 per line, excluding blank lines and lines with just one character. Illustrations and screen shots pay $10 each. Each type of article has a maximum pay rate. Be sure to ask your editor what the maximum pay is for the article you want to submit. Our readership consists of midrange IT professionals whose interests and vocations involve the IBM Power Systems platform (formerly AS/400, iSeries, System i, IBM i) and the technologies that run on it. They appreciate the practical education and information they receive from our feature articles, technical tips, and product coverage.

ROCHESTER BUSINESS JOURNAL — Weekly tabloid covering business. Geared toward corporate execs and small business owners. Considers how-to, trends, business topics, news. Prefers local examples in the Rochester, NY area. Pays $150 for 1,000 to 2,000 words.

OREGON QUARTERLY — Unlike a traditional alumni magazine, the majority of our features are not about the UO as such. Instead, we generally address topics of state and regional interest (ideas, issues, and personalities) using the resources of UO faculty and alumni. The UO benefits from its involvement in these stories, not as their subject matter. Our goal is to reach a broad, well-educated regional audience, whether or not they have ties to the UO. We invite queries for features and UO alumni profiles. Our features generally run 1,500–3,000 words; short subjects run about 400–1,000 words. Pay varies depending on subject matter and writer’s experience, with department stories usually ranging from $100 to $350 and features significantly more.

QUEEN’S ALUMNI REVIEW — Each story in the magazine must have a connection to Queen’s University, whether explicit or indirect. That said, our scope is wide. In our features section, we deal with timely topics of broad interest to the Queen’s community. We also profile alumni who’ve gone on to interesting adventures or to remarkable achievements. We report on books by Queen’s authors – alumni and faculty alike – though we generally do not review books. We print news of research and other campus developments, and we also chronicle major events on campus. In each issue, we publish a first-person essay or column by an alumnus, faculty member, or staff person. Our Keeping in Touch section includes Special Note articles on interesting alumni. Our feature articles generally range between 1,000 and 3,500 words. Our columns are 650-700 words, as are our Alumni Spotlights. Special Notes range between 200-500 words. Pays up to 50 cents/word CAN.

HOMESCHOOLING TODAY — We do not take queries at this time but welcome your submissions of completed articles. We focus on providing information and tools for those who homeschool, shared from a Christian perspective. Pays ten cents/word. Length 500 to 2,000 words.

LANICO ENTERPRISE – ANTHOLOGY CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS — We are currently putting two anthologies together. We are accepting stories for these. Our Christian fiction romance anthology, currently untitled, requires 3,500-5,000 words. Compensation  $50-$200. Our Mystery anthology, currently untitled, requires 4,000-5,000 words. Compensation $50-$200.

NEW HAVEN REVIEW — A literary journal that publishes essays, fiction, poetry, and occasionally photojournalism. Word length 1,200 words for prose. Pays $500 for prose pieces, fiction or nonfiction; and at least $25 per poem.

COASTAL REVIEW ONLINE — The editors seek talented freelance writers knowledgeable about the North Carolina coast. Articles 800-2,000 words pay $75-$200.

1859 OREGON MAGAZINE — In an intelligent and beautiful format,1859 explores the landscapes,the personalities, the movers and shakers, the history and the architecture that is the jewel of the Pacific Northwest. For Oregonians, 1859 is an exploration of the state’s rich history, its incredible destinations and colorful personalities. Departments like “What I’m Working On,” “Home & Design,” “Ventures” and “Sound Off” will resonate with residents of Oregon. Departments like “From Where I Stand,” “The Road Reconsidered,” “Home Grown” and “Top 5” are visual and editorial pollen that attracts the travel bee. Payment varies from $0.30/word to $0.50/word, with web-only copy at a lower rate.

COSMO UK — We want to hear about an experience you’ve had that’s worth talking about, that’s made you look at things differently. In around 800 words, we want to hear about something that’s really struck a chord with you; whether it be something that had a profound effect on you emotionally; something that was traumatic, but you’ve come out of the other side and want to share your story; a mind-blowing experience you’ve had; a life lesson you’ve learned; or just something that happened to you that was hilarious and that we and the world need to know about. All authors whose submissions are chosen for publication will be contacted to discuss terms.

ARIZONA HIGHWAYS — Arizona Highways is a monthly magazine that encourages travel to and within Arizona. It does this by publishing stories, short monthly departments, and fine photography on places to go and things to do, on the state’s unique scenic environment, on its flora and fauna, on its people, and on the history and culture. The magazine’s feature stories typically run between 1,500 and 4,000 words. Several departments open to freelancers. No fiction, humor or poetry. Pays up to $1/word.

JUPITER PRESS – SPECIAL CALL — From time to time our editors will have specific needs for manuscripts. Seeking one or two 20,000 to 35,000 word erotic romance contemporary M/M novella(s) set in Las Vegas in or around casinos or the casino industry.

PROFIT GUIDE — PROFIT is Canada’s most-read and best-targeted publication for entrepreneurs and small business executives. Canadian stories only. Needs how-to, management tips and profiles. Pays up to $1/word.

FODOR’S — If you’re interested in working for Fodor’s as a travel writer, send your résumé and writing clips, together with a cover letter explaining your qualifications and areas of expertise, to You may also mail materials to: Fodor’s Travel Publications, Researcher Writer Positions, 1745 Broadway, 15th floor, New York, NY 10019. Remember that most Fodor’s writers live in the areas they cover. Note that we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

THE FOG HORN — We’re on the hunt for brave new short stories: comedy, adventure, sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, horror — your favorite fiction genre is welcome here. Is your story a tender, yet devastating robot love triangle? Or maybe a hilarious, yet devastating robot love triangle? If you’re an established author or new voice, join us. We’re thrilled to offer competitive rates for published stories. We publish 4 stories in every issue, and 12 issues a year. Writers should be paid for great writing, and we’re in the business of employing great writers, regardless of how fancy they may be. We pay $1,000 for published stories, delivered within 30 days of your story being published. (Thanks

ALASKA AIRLINES MAGAZINE — The monthly in-flight magazine for Alaska Airlines, reaching more than a million travelers in Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Western Canada and Mexico each month. 75% freelance. Columns include Journal (arts and culture), Business, On Location, Profiles, Sports, Technology and Travel. Rates begin at $150 to $250 for shorts through to $500 for columns and $700 for features.

VENTURE BEAT — VentureBeat currently syndicates to outlets including Reuters, The Christian Science Monitor and Business Insider. Marries Silicon Valley venture capital coverage with start-up innovation and founder profiles. All sections are open for both 300-word news pieces and 500-1,000-word features, or even longer features if the subject warrants the word count. Regular contributors have their own unique contracts, but many write anywhere from 16 to 20 300-word news posts per week. Others write only one piece per week, though, so the range is quite broad. Tech stories without a compelling financial or small business/start-up angle aren’t right for VentureBeat. Don’t bother pitching gadget news or reviews. Pay rate: $20 per news post and $50 per post for reviews or features, plus traffic bonuses for all content. Payment can go as high as $1,000 per post depending on traffic.

THE SATURDAY EVENING POST — The Saturday Evening Post is a health oriented magazine containing humor, fiction, nonfiction and graphic elements of interest to the American family. In addition to feature-length articles, the Post buys anecdotes suitable for “Post Scripts,” as well as cartoons, illustrations, and photos. Payment ranges from $25 for Post Scripts to $400 and up for feature articles.

WHOLE LIFE TIMES — Whole Life Times relies almost entirely on freelance material. We are open to articles on holistic health, alternative healing, green living, sustainable and local food, social responsibility, conscious business, the environment, spirituality and personal growth; in short, anything that deals with a progressive, healthy lifestyle. WLT’s content is largely local — issues, events and people in southern California. WLT accepts up to three longer stories (800-1,100 words) per issue, and pay ranges from $150-$200.

WISH — Wish is the new style bible Canadian women aged 29 to 49 reach for first. It covers fashion, beauty, food, home décor and family for the master juggler—the woman who has to stylishly and efficiently balance career, family and home. Pay rate is $1/word and payment is upon acceptance.

HIGH COUNTRY NEWS — HCN will consider pitches for well-researched stories on any natural resource or environmental topic, as long as it concerns the West. We define “resources” to include people, politics, culture and aesthetic values–not just coal, oil and timber. Keep in mind that we have an 11-state region (OR, WA, CA, MT, ID, NV, WY, CO, NM, AZ, UT) to cover in a small news space; we want local stories that have significance across the entire region and that can be told in ways that go beyond what the daily newspapers report. Has any columns and departments, but its Writers on the Range pieces are syndicated. Our Writers on the Range columns are syndicated each week to approximately 75 newspapers, magazines and Web sites. They also appear on our Web site and occasionally in High Country News. We are looking for taut and pithy opinion pieces about issues that affect Westerners. The piece should be tied to current events, though we will consider less current pieces if they make strong statements about life in the West.

YOUR WORKPLACE (CANADA) — Your Workplace is a leading magazine in Canada to provide a “good read” on positive solutions to workplace concerns, and strategies for balancing the demands of today’s stressful world of work with healthy living. While most articles begin at approximately 600 words, our feature articles can be up to 2,200 words. Minimum payment is 20 cents per published word, though rates are negotiable depending on qualifications.

CATALYST — CATALYST is a newsprint magazine that has served as Salt Lake City’s resource for creative living since 1982. We’re always on the lookout for great local writers, both to take story assignments from our editor as well as to present us with stories and story ideas. Our feature stories generally run 2,000-4,500 words. We use two or three per issue. A shorter story with several sidebars is preferred over a longer story. Smaller stories usually run between 600-1500 words and are usually less formal, often about interesting things happening around town. We pay $.10/word, upon publication. Some in-depth, research-heavy articles will be paid at $.12/word.

COVEY RISE — Feature articles should be oriented to the following categories: destinations, interesting people involved in any facet of the wing shooting world (conservationists, designers, educators, gunsmiths, manufacturers), venues, art and artists, dogs, and culinary. We look for well-told narratives that go beyond the obvious and explore the intimacy and depths of a person, place, artist or dog. Use as many words as necessary to tell the story, but be sure not to use two words when one will do. Typical pieces range between 750-1,500 words.

GRAND — Read GRAND magazine, listen to the voices and the messages. Then, find a story or an idea that directly relates to the role of grandparenting and/or the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. (In other words, we are not a magazine about aging, or senior citizens; in the U.S., the average age of a first-time grandparent is 48. Our audience is overwhelmingly Baby Boomers.) When you have found a topic, ask yourself two questions: What is this about? And what is this about, really? Then…Answer those two questions to me, in an e-mail ( and knock my socks off.

ADDITUDE — Most of the articles we publish are written by journalists and mental-health professionals. However, we are generally willing to consider first-person articles by parents, employers, teachers, etc. who have personal experience with ADHD or LD and whose insights might be helpful to ADDitude’s readers (most of whom are parents of children with ADHD or a learning disability and/or adults with ADHD). Articles are usually 2,000 words or less and payment varies according to the article length, the experience and expertise of the author, and other factors.

DRUM! — The best source of drumming news and info on this planet and others as they become populated. We are a special-interest publication. Literally 99 percent of our readers are drummers and percussionists. They read the magazine chiefly because they want to learn to play better, they want to learn about the techniques and equipment of artists they admire, and they want to learn more about the instruments themselves. Please note how often the word “learn” crops up here. Pays up to $300. Short pieces in DRUM! Magazine may run between 300 and 1,000 words in length; a cover story may be as long as 4,000 words.

NUTS AND VOLTS — Nuts & Volts is the leading magazine for those seriously interested in electronics. Nuts & Volts is written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter. The diversity of subjects appeals to all levels of experience and spans such topics as amateur robotics, circuit design, lasers, computer control, home automation, data acquisition, new technology, DIY projects, electronic theory, analog, and myriad microcontrollers. Pays up to $450.

CLUBHOUSE — Focus on the Family Clubhouse readers are 8- to 12-year-old boys and girls who desire to know more about God and the Bible. Their parents want wholesome, educational material with Scriptural or moral insight. The kids want excitement, adventure, action, humor or mystery. Your job as a writer is to please both the parent and child with each article. Generally 15 to 25 cents/word. $200 and up for feature-length fiction stories. $150+ for nonfiction stories.

DOLLARS & SENSE — Dollars & Sense is a progressive economics magazine that explains in a popular way both the workings of the economy and struggles to change it. Articles may be on the environment, community organizing, urban conflict, inflation, unemployment, union reform, welfare, changes in government regulation… a broad range of topics that have an economic theme.

AMERICAN FORESTS — Feature Articles: These articles are roughly 2,000 words and deal with the following topics: outdoor recreation, environmental issues and tree-related science, adventures or news. Each issue contains three features. Mini Feature: This article is a smaller version of a feature, at roughly 1,300 words. This feature can address a wider variety of forest-related topics, including but not limited to forest policy, community forest programs, benefits of trees, unique ecosystems and more. Each issue contains one mini feature.
Earthkeepers: This department examines a person or group of people, current or historic, that has worked to protect or responsibly manage a forest. These articles are 800 to 900 words. Each issue contains one Earthkeepers article.

ANALOG — Basically, we publish science fiction stories. That is, stories in which some aspect of future science or technology is so integral to the plot that, if that aspect were removed, the story would collapse. The science can be physical, sociological, psychological. The technology can be anything from electronic engineering to biogenetic engineering. But the stories must be strong and realistic, with believable people (who needn’t be human) doing believable things-–no matter how fantastic the background might be. Fact articles for Analog should be about 4,000 words in length and should deal with subjects of not only current but future interest, i.e., with topics at the present frontiers of research whose likely future developments have implications of wide interest. Illustrations should be provided by the author in camera-ready form.

A&U — As a national, nonprofit HIV/AIDS magazine, A&U is interested in publishing original literature, art, opinion, and reportage relating in any way to the AIDS pandemic. Fiction up to 1,000
words. Shorter poetry preferred. We encourage all topics related to HIV/AIDS, including international perspectives, personal accounts, historical perspectives, and personal responses to HIV-related art or artists. We also welcome English translations of work that is unpublished or previously published in a language other than English. See the magazine’s themes. Essays up to 700 words.Features up to 2,000 words. Reviews as well. Good guidelines. Pays up to $300.

MEMPHIS MAGAZINE — Colorful and informative magazine about the people, places, events, lifestyles, businesses and culture of Memphis and the surrounding area. Pays up to 30 cents/word.

TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE — Each issue of this award-winning magazine is packed with outstanding color photos and articles about every facet of outdoor recreation: fishing, hunting, camping, birding, boating, traveling and more. We bring you information about state parks, environmental issues and events taking place all across the state. Texas Parks & Wildlife truly is a magazine for all outdoors. Pays around 50 cents/word.

PUGET SOUND MAGAZINE — Puget Sound Magazine is dedicated to providing readers with ideas for enjoying the magnificent waterways, islands and shorelines of the greater Puget Sound region. Our editorial content ranges from shoreline destination reviews and water oriented vacation planning to environmental issues and social concerns that shape the region. Pays 10 cents/word. Accepts a few pieces of fiction, length 800 to 1,000 words, paying 10 cents/word.

MADISON MAGAZINE — With a long history of providing interesting coverage of local people, area events and home related edit, Madison Magazine continues to grow. Building on the existing strengths of arts, dining, habitat, business and health, the magazine prides itself on providing award winning service journalism that informs its readers on what to do, where to go and the how-to in managing their daily lives. Pays up to 30 cents/word.

CATHOLIC FORESTER — Nonfiction topics appealing to our members include health and wellness, money management and investing, parenting and family life, senior issues, inspiration and nostalgia. Although we are more interested in nonfiction topics, we also like to entertain our readers with humor and light fiction. Manuscripts should have a good lead, style and rhythm to hold reader interest. Look for ways to project personal experiences into informational topics. Fiction should move at a rapid pace, capturing reader attention from beginning to end. We like short pieces, 500 to 1,000 words, but occasionally accept manuscripts up to 1,500 words. Payment for First North American Serial Rights is approximately 50 cents/word, reprints $50 per article, depending on writing quality and amount of necessary editing. For photos and art illustrations, we pay one-time publication rights. Depending on size, payment ranges from $50 to $250 for inside use, $500 for a cover.

PLANET TACHYON — We’re seeking one or more individuals who possess a true gift for converting ideas, thoughts, research and concepts into written words of action that while helping to build solid brand personas will also resonate with intended audiences. Industries we work with: EMF protection, Cell phone radiation protection, Smart meter protection, Safe EMF Environments and a host of 100 more subjects areas of interest. Needs blogs and articles. Blogs:  We will supply topics. 400-600 words. $10 – $40 per accepted post. Articles: We assign the topic. The quality, tone, research sited are important. Pay will range between 10 to 30 cents/word.

iMOTOR TIMES – FREELANCE WRITERS Location Virtual — is seeking talented, driven writers to join our growing news team. Our freelance writers will be responsible for the development, production, and publication of original auto industry, car culture, and motorsports news for You’ll be given the opportunity to sign up for time-sensitive news stories developed by your editors and to pitch your own ideas. You will be digging through studies and press releases, reaching out to manufacturer spokespersons, automotive experts, and racing organizations. Reporters will be working towards daily deadlines. This is a contract position that reports directly to the lead editor of iMotor Times.

MONTANA MAGAZINE — We are looking for well-written, well-researched articles on issues, interesting people and life in Montana. Published feature-length articles are in the 1,500-word range. Shorter department stories generally should be 800 to 1,000 words. Pay for written work is negotiated with the writer. We pay for one-time rights, which include the right to use an accepted story in the magazine and at Pays around 20 cents/word.

NEVADA MAGAZINE — See the “Developing Story Ideas” section for a description of the magazine’s topics. Most stories range from 500 to 1,500 words. Payment — generally 25 to 35 cents per word — is on publication and varies with article length and quality. We prefer to establish a flat rate of $250 or less with writers if possible. For Web stories published on, we pay a flat rate of $100 or $200 depending on the assignment. Nevada Magazine does not pay expenses (travel costs, etc.).

NEW HAMPSHIRE MAGAZINE — Stories typically run 300 to 2,000 words and we feature lifestyle, home, cuisine, adventures, personalities and other compelling topics of NH human interest. Pays $50 to $500 for most pieces.

SMELL THE TRUTH — Nationally-syndicated online news publication seeks high quality, experienced journalists that are knowledgable and enthusiastic about cannabis culture. Interested in national, regional, and local news coverage on all things cannabis related. Basic writing skills are a must; online experience, photography skills, including video, and an ability to engage readers via social media are all pluses for applicants. Ability to meet deadlines is critical. Payment ranges from $50-$300 for 150-500 words. Possible cannabis driven topics: Health, Business, Politics, Legal, Activism, Science, Medicine, Hemp, Culture.

LOUISIANA COOKIN — Louisiana Cookin’ is the only national magazine for the connoisseur of Louisiana’s unique culture, cuisine, and travel destinations. Published six times a year, each issue contains more than 50 authentic recipes, with tips from professional chefs and home cooks alike. Accepts email queries to Articles are 1,000 to 2,000 words plus recipes, and pays $350. Columns are $250. Kill fee 20 percent.

MISSISSIPPI MAGAZINE (click Contact then Editorial Inquiries) — Celebrates the positive points of Mississippi – from interesting people and places to homes, gardens, food, history, culture, special events, and more. All subjects must have a direct link to Mississippi. Features – $250 to $350 Southern Scrapbook – $25 to $75 On Being Southern – $150 Other departments – $150 to $250.

CHARLESTON MAGAZINE — Covers the highlights on living in Charleston, SC to include the arts, dining, entertainment, lifestyle, shopping, charity, travel and weddings. Articles up to 1,500 words and columns up to 1,200 words. Mostly written by freelancers.

IN THESE TIMES — We are looking for feature articles that combine original on-the- ground reporting with solid analysis. We are particularly interested in investigative stories that uncover governmental or corporate abuses of power. Feature articles run between 1,200 and 3,800 words in length. Please do not submit articles longer than the maximum word length. Short features (800–900 words). We prefer stories that are broader than a specific campaign – we are looking primarily for reporting or commentary on important developments or questions of strategy within movements. For this feature, we are more likely to run independent reporting than field reports from organizers involved in a particular campaign. Short accounts (400-500 words) of an organizing victory (legislative, labor, electoral, anti-corporate, etc.) overlooked by the national mainstream press.

SMITHSONIAN ZOOGOER — Smithsonian Zoogoer is the newly expanded magazine of Friends of the National Zoo and is a benefit of membership. Published bimonthly, Smithsonian Zoogoer explores topics relating to the animals and staff of the National Zoo. The magazine also informs readers about wildlife conservation, current scientific research, and the diversity of the natural world. Regular departments include a behind-the-scenes Zoo staff profile, a page full of fun animal facts, a “Creature Feature” about lesser-known species, and a special photo page. Pays 80 cents/word. Articles are up to 2,000 words and departments up to 1,500 words.

SCULPTURE REVIEW — Our objective is to show the various ways in which sculptors worldwide and throughout time have struggled to represent the form. We are committed to exploring the excellence of traditional figurative art as well as the investigation of the limits of classical / traditional rendering. Pays up to 50 cents/word for articles of 500 to 1,500 words. Of course, photography appreciated.

SKI MAGAZINE — Photography heavy publication. Covers all aspects of skiing from gear to destinations. Covers lifestyle and how-to. Addresses all levels of skiers. Pays from 30 cents to $1/word for articles of 1,000 to 2,000 words and columns of around 1,000 words.

WOODENBOAT MAGAZINE — WoodenBoat is the bi-monthly magazine for wooden boat owners, builders, and designers. We are devoted exclusively to the design, building, care, preservation, and use of wooden boats, both commercial and pleasure, old and new, sail and power. For professional and amateur alike. Pays $200–$250 per 1,000 words.

SMALL FARM CANADA — The magazine’s editorial position is that the lives of small- scale farmers and their families are worthy, complex and rich in possibility, and that the communities serving small-scale farmers are unique and dynamic. Through attractive, well-written, independent-minded articles (free of orthodoxies) the magazine entertains, informs, inspires and challenges readers across Canada. Pays 30 cents/word for articles of 900 to 1,500 words. Columns are 550 words.

ARTS AND CRAFTS HOMES —Our Mission is to offer expert advice and perspective for those building, renovating, or furnishing a home in the Arts and Crafts spirit. Query. Articles are 750 to 1,200 words. Columns are 800 to 1,500 words. Pays up to $200 per page.

BLADE —What we need are stories that are brand new in scope and content. Knives being used for unusual purposes, in adventure settings, etc., are always good. New, state-of-the-art knife designs, steels and other knife materials and how they are made are good. The knife collections of celebrities are good. Stories on how to collect knives, what to collect and why, etc., are good. Pays up to $300 for articles of 500 to 1,700 words.

CANADIAN WILDLIFE —Canadian Wildlife celebrates the country’s unique wildlife and habitats, and explores the conservation issues affecting our natural world. Published 6 times per year. Pays up to 50 cents/word. Articles up to 2,500 words. Columns 750 to 1,400 words.

IDEA PUBLICATIONS –Are you overflowing with ideas on how to improve and streamline your fitness career? Are you an expert in a niche area of fitness and have you always wanted to publish your research? We want to hear from you! The editorial team is always looking for articles that serve the needs of fitness, wellness and health professionals. Magazines in this family include:

IDEA Fitness Journal
IDEA Trainer Success
IDEA Fitness Manager
IDEA Pilates Today

WOMEN’S ADVENTURE MAGAZINE —Our mission? To inspire, inform, and compel women to live life to its fullest through outdoor adventure and travel. The best way to break in? Pitch us inspiration and information in the form of juicy, newsy, timely tidbits that you’re able to write about with evidence, authority, and style.

VAGABUNDO MAGAZINE —Vagabundo Magazine runs two types of content: magazine and blog. The magazines are published both in print and digitally every two months.  About 50% of the content of the magazine is supplied by freelancers. Cover Story: $200 – 2,000 words. Long features: $75-100 – 1,200 to 2,000 words. Short features: $40-80 – 1,000 to 1,200 words. Shutter Spot: $25 per image – one image with a 50-word caption. Photo Essay: $75 total – 5-7 photos.

FIREHOUSE MAGAZINE —Magazine published for firefighters. Covers incidents, innovations, trends and adversity, changes and profiles. Loves photo stories. Submit using online form.

YOUR WORKPLACE MAGAZINE —Read original articles, interviews, and profiles relating to all aspects of progressive organizational wellness. Get real workplace stories, solutions and strategies that you will not find any place else! Your Workplace features original articles, in-depth interviews and profiles, and reaches HR and managers who are decision makers/influencers willing to support a better way of doing things to create an amazing workplace. Pays a minimum of 20 cents/word.

COMMONWEAL MAGAZINE —Commonweal welcomes original manuscripts dealing with topical issues of the day on public affairs, religion, literature, and the arts. We look for articles that are timely, accurate, and well written. Pays $100 to $300. Articles fall into three categories: “Upfronts”, running from 750 to 1,000 words, are brief, “newsy” and reportorial, giving facts, information, and some interpretation behind the “headlines of the day.” Longer articles, running from 2,000 to 3,000 words, are more reflective and detailed, bringing new information or a different point of view to a subject, raising questions, and/or proposing solutions to the dilemmas facing the world, nation, church, or individual. “Last Word” column, a 750-word reflection, usually of a personal nature, on some aspect of the human condition: spiritual, individual, political, or social.

CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE —Connecticut Magazine is a general interest, service and issue-oriented magazine that covers all aspects of life in the state—arts, politics, travel, people, business, health, environment and newsworthy issues. We do not publish fiction or poetry. Pays $400 to $700 for features of 1,500 to 2,500 words. Fillers of 150 to 400 words pay up to $150.

DELAWARE TODAY —Covers people, places, events, lifestyles of the people of Delaware. History, interview, ways of life. Pays up to $750 for up to 3,000 words.

NATIONAL PARKS MAGAZINE —National Parks magazine publishes articles about areas in the National Park System, proposed new areas, threats to parks or park wildlife, scientific discoveries, legislative issues, and endangered species of plants or animals relevant to national parks. We do not publish articles on general environmental topics, nor do we print articles about land managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureauof Land Management, or other federal agencies. Articles for National Parks should be directed to a largely nonscientific but well-educated audience. News articles and smaller departments are 500-1,200 words. Features run approximately 1,800-2,000 words. We generally pay 70 cents to $1.00/word—the high end being reserved for our proven contributors.

CARLSBAD MAGAZINE —Covers profiles, events, travel, lifestyles, and the arts in Carlsbad, CA. Pays 20 cents/word for articles of 300 to 2,700 words.

WIRED —Combination of science and technology, business and industry, all leading to changing culture. Specify which section you’re pitching. No attachments. Responds quickly. Pays $1.50 per word. Make your pitch short. Please email or for editorial calendars.

AUDUBON —Readers are of course bird enthusiasts, but they also appreciate a good environmental focus on related topics. “As most of the magazine’s writers are based on the coasts, freelancers located in the Midwest or another untapped locale with access to great nature stories automatically have a leg up on the competition.” A good break-in section is the FOB news section, 200-400 words. Also consider “Lifestyle” and “News you can use.” These are 750 words. Web-only content should cover the same nature-friendly topics as the print mag, with an added focus on longer news stories averaging 800-900 words. Include photo suggestions. Email with links to a few clips and a paragraph or two about the idea, along with your biographical information and where you’ve written before. Pays $1.25/word.

REDBOOK —Seeking fashion, beauty and health writers as well as finance and issues of women in their 30s and 40s. Magazine also has first-person pieces. Be specific when pitching, showing you know where your piece should fit into the magazine. Pays up to $2/word with a 25% kill fee. For essays, general features, career, money and advocacy, Leslie Robarge: LROBARGE at HEARST dot COM. For health, Margarita Bertsos: MBERTSOS at HEARST dot COM. For sex and love, Brittany Burke: BBURKE at HEARST dot COM. For books, Tiffany Blackstone: TBLACKSTONE at HEARST dot COM. For giveaways and contests, Ashley Niedringhaus: ANIEDRINGHAUS at HEARST dot COM. For online, Lauren Levine: LLEVINE at HEARST dot COM. For all other pitches: REDBOOK at HEARST dot COM

CURE —CURE — which stands for cancer updates, research and education — is a quarterly magazine free to cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, nurses, physicians and healthcare providers. All writers MUST have medical writing, preferably cancer-related, and interviewing experience. AQueries should be no longer than one page and give the hook of the story, background on what makes it cancer news, and recommendations for interviews.

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR —Our basic rate for a story is $200 to $225. But please be in touch with individual news and section editors (see entries below) about any variation from this rate. Longer stories can pay appreciably more. Short stories or sidebars often pay half the basic rate.When you file a story with us, it is assumed that the piece is original and exclusive to us for 90 days from the date of publication. We have the right to distribute the story via The Christian Science Monitor News Service, which provides Monitor stories to about 122 client newspapers in the US, and to post it on the Monitor’s Web site. Most cases are accepted on-spec. The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization that delivers thoughtful, global coverage via its website, weekly magazine, daily news briefing, email newsletters, and mobile site. The Monitor is global, both in practice and in spirit.

THE SUN —We publish essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry. We tend to favor personal writing, but we’re also looking for thoughtful, well-written essays on political, cultural, and philosophical themes. Please, no journalistic features, academic works, or opinion pieces. We pay from $300 to $2,000 for essays and interviews, $300 to $1,500 for fiction, and $100 to $500 for poetry, the amount being determined by length and quality. We may pay less for very short works. We also give contributors a complimentary one-year subscription to The Sun.

TEA MAGAZINE —Tea Magazine™ is a lifestyle publication celebrating tea and tea culture. It exists to encourage people to drink fine tea. Online and in print it articulates a forward-looking vision of nourishing, healthy, modern tea. TEA’s content educates and excites enthusiasts. It offers new energy, new direction – with opportunities for tea enthusiasts young and old to share their discoveries. Pays up to $200 for articles. No word count.

TEDDY BEAR & FRIENDS —Teddy Bear & Friends embraces the joy of teddy bear and soft-sculpture collecting. It shows its readers how to find collectible bears, understand their cost, see new creations, and enjoy brilliantly sweet designs. From antique and modern teddies to artist and manufacturer designs, Teddy Bear & Friends has everything the avid bear collector wants. Pays 30 to 35 cents/word and buys all rights.

TRAILER LIFE —Trailer Life magazine is written for, and by, mature and discerning RVers. Material purchased from freelancers includes travel features (1,500-1,800 words), “Around the Bend” items (75-100 words), personality profiles (1,200 words), technical features (1,000-2,000 words), “10-Minute Tech” items (50-200 words) and do-it-yourself features (1,200 words). Other topics cover the RV lifestyle, controversial issues and legislation affecting RV owners, humor and news.
Payment $100 to $700, depending on the column and photos.

VIBRANT LIFE —Vibrant Life is a bimonthly lifestyle magazine that promotes physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual balance from a practical, Christian perspective. Vibrant Life focuses on the typical adult man or woman and family. Articles should be written in an informal, interesting, easy-to-read style, avoiding hard-to-understand medical jargon. Articles should focus on one topic and stay with that subject to the end. Short articles (450 to 650 words) are always in demand. Feature articles should not exceed 1,000 words and, if the article is informational, should include at least one sidebar (helpful tips, steps to take to accomplish a goal, and additional resource information, etc.) Payment for articles ranges from $100 to $300. We purchase first Vibrant Life world serial rights along with Vibrant Life reprint rights when we accept your article.

TEXAS GARDENER TEXAS GARDENER is interested in articles containing practical, how-to information on gardening in Texas. We will accept both technical and feature articles. Feature articles, including interviews or profiles of Texas gardeners, new gardening techniques or photo features should relate specifically to Texas. We will not publish general gardening essays. Personality profiles may be on hobby gardeners or professional horticulturists who are doing something unique. In-depth articles should run 8 to 10 double-spaced typed pages (approximately 1400 to 1750 words) though we encourage shorter, concise articles that run 4 to 6 typed pages (700 to 1050 words). We pay $25 for “Between Neighbors” and $50 to $200 for feature articles.

VICTORIAN HOMES Feature articles cover home architecture, interior design, furnishings and home histories. Needs how-to mainly. Pays
$300 to $500 for 800 to 1,800 words.

FUNNY TIMES Our print publication pokes fun at politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion (yes, even religion) and the human condition in general. Not much is off limits, so do your best to make us laugh. We pay upon publication, not acceptance, and the rates are $25-$40 per cartoon based on reproduction size and $60 each for story. You’ll even get a complimentary subscription to Funny Times and some serious bragging rights. Limit 500-700 words.

GO MAGAZINE Fifty percent kill fee. Needs general, profile, travel, and light business. No first-person. Stories are 400 to 2,000 words. Go is an inflight magazine for AirTran Airways.

HEMISPHERES MAGAZINE Hemispheres, the inflight magazine of United Airlines. We’re after a great narrative that will immerse our readers. The story should have a strong sense of place or destination, though traveling should not necessarily be its focus. The stories can be profiles of newsmakers, cultural figures, authors, artists, designers, inventors or explorers. We’re also after cinematic, adventurous general interest stories that transport the reader to a faraway place that he may never visit himself. Other columns available and described at website. 500 to 3,000 words paying 50 cents/word and up.

PAPER CRAFTS MAGAZINE Currently working on a March 4, 2013 deadline. A magazine to help readers create rewarding handmade crafts to display at home or give as gifts. Need how-to stories. Buys 300 manuscripts per year and pays $100 to $500.

POPULAR MECHANICS We are always in the market for good freelance articles, and invite your queries. Because our magazine is divided into departments according to subject matter, you should direct editorial queries to the departmental editor in your area of interest. We pay anywhere from $300 to $1000 and more for features. We pay on acceptance and purchase all rights. A men’s service magazine on topics of automotive, home, science, outdoors and technology.

BIRDS AND BLOOMS Through Birds & Blooms, you’re able to tour the backyards of other gardening and birding enthusiasts. You can check out their plantings and feeders while swapping tried-and-true ideas. Readers share their best tips and fun backyard experiences, from handmade birdhouses and creative container gardens to plants that grew beyond expectations and comical bird antics. Pays up to $400 for essays, how-to, humor, inspirational, personal experience, photo features, crafting, plans for backyard accent pieces.

CHARISMA MAGAZINE Each year, freelancers write 80 percent of our articles, but we assign most of these to writers who have established themselves with us. In most cases, we only give article assignments to writers with published clips. All Charisma articles, with the exception of the shorter stories (specified below), should be between 1,800 and 2,500 words in length. More than half our readers are Christians who belong to Pentecostal or independent charismatic churches, and numerous others participate in the charismatic renewal in mainline denominations. Charisma Media is a leading creator of diversified Christian resources that empowers believers for God’s purpose. Our vision is to inspire people to radically change their world.

KITPLANES The budget for first-time KITPLANES writers is $70 per page as printed in the magazine, including illustrations/photos, but that may be increased at the editor’s discretion. After your first KITPLANES appearance, the rate increases to $105 per page. Articles are 500 to 3,000 words and once you are established with KITPLANES, pay up to $500.

KNIVES ILLUSTRATED Knives Illustrated is a magazine devoted to the artistry and technological advancements of man’s oldest tool, the knife.  Knifemaking is at a historical peak. Today’s craftsmen are producing some of the finest knives. Knives Illustrated keeps its readers up to date on the changes. Pays $100 to $500 for articles up to 2,000 words. Sample copy available.

GATEWAY MAGAZINE Gateway publishes articles on St. Louis’s and Missouri’s cultural, social, and political issues, both historical and contemporary. Submissions for full-length essays ideally run 3,500 – 5,000 words. Gateway also publishes shorter essays, which run approximately 2,000 – 2,500 words. We are actively seeking topics within the areas of western expansion; preservation and architecture; folk culture; music and theater traditions; and civil rights and African American history. We are also interested in essays on individual Missourians and in the history of communities, organizations, and movements in St. Louis. Pays up to $400.

HISTORY MAGAZINE Chronicling everything from the fall of the Roman Empire and the start of the Second World War to the sinking of the Titanic and the exploits of Al Capone, the articles in History Magazine are accompanied by breathtaking archival images and detailed maps.You’ll read fascinating stories and discover facts you never knew about the development of government, medicine, technology, trade, crime, the arts, the art of war, and everything in between! Pays up to $250 for pieces up to 2,500 words. Roughly ten cents/word.

FAMILY CHRONICLE Family Chronicle is the premier magazine for researching and documenting your family history. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced genealogist, each issue provides you with proven techniques and sources for discovering your ancestors. Pays eight cents/word.

PERSIMMON HILL MAGAZINE Persimmon Hill magazine is the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s award-winning journal on the West. For an audience interested in western art, history, ranching and rodeo. Historical and contemporary articles on notable persons connected with pioneering the American West, Western art, rodeo, cowboys, Western flora, animal life or other phenomena of the West of today or yesterday. Articles must be historically accurate. Sources must be documented. We require lively, top-notch writing. Length: no more than 1,500 words. Pay ranges from $100 to $250, including photographs.

TIMELINE MAGAZINE Covering the fields of history, archaeology, and natural history with a Buckeye focus, the quarterly popular history magazine has published seven hundred articles during its twenty-nine-year history. Pays up to $800 for articles up to 1,000 words. Entertains book excerpts, essays, historical features, and photo features.

HADASSAH MAGAZINE Hadassah Magazine is a feature magazine that covers culture, political, social, religious and lifestyle trends from a Jewish point of view. The editorial content is about evenly divided between Israel and American Jewish affairs, with ad hoc reports and a travel column that also covers the rest of the Jewish world. The magazine is published by Hadassah, the
Women’s Zionist Organization of America. Pays $500 and up for features of 1,500 to 2,000 words.

NATIVE PEOPLES Native Peoples magazine is the first and the largest, paid-circulation, consumer magazine devoted to the arts and cultures of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Pays 25 cents/word for features of 1,000 to 2,500 words.

RUSSIAN LIFE MAGAZINE Russian Life magazine covers Russian culture, history, travel and life. Each colorful, 64-page issue contains feature articles on everything from culture and geography, to current issues, travel, business and society. Steer clear of poetry, fiction, diaries, editorials, personal experiences how Russia changed your life, event articles or reviews. Most stories will be between 2,000-5,000 words in length and authors receive $100-300. Photos are paid for additionally, from $20-40 per photo.

SCANDINAVIAN REVIEW Scandinavian Review covers all aspects of life in contemporary Scandinavia with emphasis on areas in which Scandinavian achievement is renowned: art and design, industrial development, commercial, political, economic and social innovation. Leading journalists and writers on both sides of the Atlantic participate in the challenging task of making Scandinavia better known and understood. The magazine offers readers information about the five Nordic countries that is rarely found in the American news media. Pays $300 for 1,500 to 2,000 words.

HOME BUSINESS For home-based entrepreneurs and business owners; people who work from home; and telecommuters. HBM is loaded with content to help you start-up and succeed in a home-based business. Online and in print. Pays up to 20 cents/word. Work-for-hire.

ALBEMARLE Centrally located, the Charlottesville-Albemarle region’s natural beauty and mild climate make it a most desirable place to live and do business. The town and surrounding county have become identified with the values of Thomas Jefferson, whose legacy of leadership and citizen participation has helped the area grow and prosper. Pays up to $225/ Essays, historical, profiles, and travel items preferred.

BROKEN PENCIL Broken Pencil reviews the best zines, books, websites, videos and music from the underground and reprints the best articles from the alternative press. Also, ground-breaking interviews, original fiction, and commentary on all aspects of the independent arts. From the hilarious to the perverse, Broken Pencil challenges conformity and demands attention. Payment up to $300.

COMMON GROUND Generally we accept articles on health, wellness, the environment, transformational travel and personal growth. We prefer articles by Canadian authors, and we very rarely accept fiction and poetry. Articles of 600 to 1,500 words are accepted. We will consider longer articles, up to 2,500 words, but will probably ask you to edit them to a shorter length once they are accepted, but please query first. Most articles are enhanced by a high contrast, compelling photo, line drawing or graphic. Pays ten cents/word.

METRO PARENT For Michigan parents. Features 1,000-2,500 words: $150-$350, depending on complexity of topic and number of sources required to do the story justice. Department columns: $50-75. Parent Pipeline pieces: $35-50. Reprints: $35.

PARENTING Parenting’s readers are moms whose kids range in age from newborn through age 12, as well as expectant moms.  The magazine covers the psychological and practical aspects of raising a child, and the emotional issues that face mothers — from nurturing their own friendships to juggling the various parts of their lives. The magazine is largely freelance written. Fees for articles depend on length, degree of difficulty, and the writer’s previous experience.  Generally, feature articles run between 1,000 and 2,500 words in published form. For writers new to Parenting, the best opportunities are the departments. The pieces there range from 100 to 500 words. Queries for each of these departments should be addressed to the appropriate editor (such as Kids’ Health Editor, or Ages & Stages Editor). Pays up to $1/word.

PLUM Email: —The first-ever pregnancy magazine for women 35 years and older. As part of our mission to encourage dialogue between women and the medical community, Plum is available free of charge to all doctors for distribution to their patients. Published semi-annually. Email for specific guidelines. Needs essays, how-to, profiles. Query with your published clips. Pays up to $1/word.

TODAY’S PARENT Pays $1/word. Monthly magazine for parents of children up to age 12. Articles are 1,800 to 2,500 words. Canadian slanted. Several smaller columns open to freelancers:

Profile – 250 words
Your Turn (personal experiences) – 800 words
Beyond Motherhood (not related to parenting) – 700 words
Education – 1,200 words
Health Behavior – 1,200 words
Slice of Life (lighter side of parenting) – 750 words

ACTION All feature articles should be preceded by a query to the editor, briefly outlining the subject and a statement about why it should be included in the newsletter, the article’s anticipated length, and suggestions for illustration (in descending order of importance). The bimonthly news magazine of the United Spinal Association is a benefit to members of the organization: people with spinal cord injury or dysfunction, as well as caregivers, parents and some spinal cord injury/dysfunction professionals. All articles should reflect this common interest of the audience. Assume that your audience is better educated in the subject of spinal cord medicine than average, but be careful not to be too technical. Aim for a word count between 750 and 1,200 words—1,500 words maximum. For columns, aim for a word count of about 350 to 500 words—750 words maximum. Pays around $400.

AMERICAN EDUCATOR American Educator is the quarterly professional magazine of the American Federation of Teachers. We are interested in articles on a wide range of topics, including new trends in education, politics, well-researched news features on current problems in education, education law, professional ethics, and thoughtful or thought-provoking essays that explore current social issues relevant to American society. We also welcome articles on international affairs and labor issues of interest to teachers as AFT members. Articles should avoid education and research jargon. Pays $300 to $1,000.

HUMANITIES The magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Half freelance written. Mainly focuses on projects that receive financial support from the agency. Needs book excerpts, historical, profiles and photo features. Pays up to $600 for features up to 2,500 words. Break in through the column IN FOCUS, 700 words, and BREAKOUT, 750 words. Pays $300 for these columns.

LION LION Magazine is the official publication of Lions Clubs International, and is published in 21 languages. It’s solely online. We’re looking for articles, preferably accompanied by photos, which explain in detail the successful completion of a service project or fundraising activity. Because a story must be of interest to the majority of the magazine’s readers, we don’t publish accounts of a club’s social activities such as anniversary or charter celebrations. Pays up to $750 for articles of 500 to 2,000 words. Photos are important.

SIERRA Sierra is a bimonthly national magazine publishing writing, photography, and art about the natural world. Our readers are environmentally concerned, politically diverse, and actively enjoy the outdoors. We are looking for painstaking reporting and smart writing that will provoke, entertain, inform, and enlighten this readership. Sierra is looking for strong, well-researched, literate nonfiction storytelling about significant environmental and conservation issues, adventure travel, nature, self-propelled sports, and trends in green living. Articles are 100 to 1,500 words in length; payment is $50 to $1,000 unless otherwise noted. Expenses of up to $50 may be paid in some cases. See guidelines for specific columns open to new submitters.

GAMES, founded in 1977, is a consumer magazine featuring a wide variety of verbal and visual puzzles, brainteasers, trivia quizzes, and many other features, as well as reviews of new board games and electronic games. Buys all rights. Covers games, the people who create them, and events. Publishes 200 freelance articles annually. Pays $500 to $1,000 for articles of 2,000 to 2,500 words. Column “Gamebits” pays up to $250.

FAITH TODAY —Faith Today is a general interest magazine of feature articles and news aimed at Canadian Evangelicals, including “how to” features, analysis features, news and profiles of Canadian individuals and ministries. Faith Today is mainly interested in features ranging from 800 to 1,800 words that provide analysis and interpretation, rather than straight newsmagazine-style reports. Unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted. Please send query letters to

Most features: $Cdn 0.25/word
Essay features: $Cdn 0.15/word
Kingdom Matters and News: $Cdn 0.20/word
Reprints: $Cdn 0.15/word

FAMILY CIRCLE —Practical solutions for moms to raise happy, healthy families. Particular emphasis on mothers of tweens and teens. Query with clips with at least one from a national magazine. Articles are 1,000 to 2,000 words. Departments 750 words. Does not respond unless interested in the piece. Nothing read on spec. Publishes a large volume of freelance articles.

NOTE FROM HOPE: Consider submitting to them online as well as in print to get foot in the door.

FAMILYFUN —FamilyFun magazine targets families with children 12 and under. Has travel and non-travel guidelines for writers. Features 850-3,000 words. Pays $1.25/word. Departments pay $100 to $1.25/word. Very descriptive guidelines. Gives parents what they need to create unforgettable family moments, whether it’s cooking, vacations, parties, holidays, crafts or learning.

EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL —We are looking for stories that anticipate environmental concerns before they become pressing problems, stories that scan the horizon for the next big issue. Whenever possible, we seek to tell the stories of individuals and communities who are successfully defending and restoring the Earth. On- the-ground reports from outside North America are especially welcomed. We pay writers 20 cents/word for shorter dispatches (1,200-1,500 words) and for longer investigative features (2,500-3,000 words). We prefer that writers query us before submitting a story.

E: THE MAGAZINE —E serves important roles as a voice for the environmental movement and a vital information source on national and international environmental issues. We request that writers send queries by e-mail. Please indicate approximate article length and which section of the magazine you are targeting, allowing a three-month lead time. Please attach writing samples. E pays 30 cents/word upon publication, and you’ll receive a contract that can be signed electronically if your article has been assigned.

ELKS MAGAZINE —Buys 20 to 30 articles each year. Informative, upbeat, entertaining writing on science, technology, nature, sports, history, health, retirement, finance, leisure, seasonal ideas and general Americana. Limit 1,200 to 2,000 words. Prefers articles on spec. Photos preferred and paid extra. Expect around 25 cents/word.


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