Total FundsforWriters pays for itself almost immediately. Thanks to TFFW I have sold four articles, all with clients who did this amazing thing called paying me. If you haven’t signed up for TFFW, you’re just not serious about your career.

~Reece W. Manley, DD, M.Ed., MPM,

I subscribe to TOTAL FundsforWriters and value it as an important tool . I consider myself a contest hound, but without your newsletter I never would have discovered the UK short story contest I won that paid me over $1,100. Essentially, TOTAL Funds for Writers has paid for itself for the next 75 years . When it comes time to renew each year, the decision is always an easy one.

~Paul Weidknecht,

The newsletter is becoming a Bible for me because you are thoughtful and conscientious in what you choose to print. It is all of tremendous benefit, not just some throw-away information.

- Beth Herman

Now you’re seeing what we are known for at FundsforWriters – our newsletters! We are proud of these babies and believe you’ll realize why so many writers join and stick around a long time. We started publishing in April 2000 and continue to grow stronger with each year…nay, each issue!



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Our most popular free newsletter. FundsforWriters provides markets that pay $200 or 10 cents/word and up. Expect 15 or more paying opportunities in the form of contests, grants, freelance markets, jobs, and publishers/agents. Delivered each weekend via The newsletter also provides an editorial from editor C. Hope Clark and a freelance piece from a guest author. FundsforWriters is also a paying market. If you would like to pitch a 600-word piece to Hope, see the guidelines at

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